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Archive for February 2019

Oregon Legislature Passes First Nationwide Rent Control

On Tuesday February 26th, 2019 the Oregon House passed Senate Bill 608 The vote of 35-25 passes this bill in both chambers with the backing of Democratic Leaders in both houses. The Bill now heads to Gov Kate Brown where her signature is expected and takes emergency effect once signed. With Brown’s signature, Oregon becomes…

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How to Fill your Oregon rental vacancy quickly

Want to fill your Oregon Rental Vacancies quickly? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started in the right direction. I’d suggest in addition to filling the vacancy quickly, you pay close attention to the the applicant’s ability to pay and the quality of the tenant overall. Afterall, in the rental business…

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How to Make Your Portland Property Energy Efficient

Energy efficiencies in rentals are important. Not only to the reduction in energy costs, but also in attracting quality tenants. Tenants appreciate efficiencies and a well maintained home to rent. This is very evident in the Portland and Salem Oregon areas we service. Here are a few good ideas and places to get you started…

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Oregon Rent Control Senate Bill 608 On to Full Vote

Despite Landlord Group Protests Bill 608 Moves Forward Landlords gave testimony in protest of the unprecedented Statewide Rent Control Bill 608. Many are concerned that the legislation will limit new rental housing starts and discourage real estate investment in Oregon. Hog Tying Landlords? “How in the world do people think punishing landlords and placing a…

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