Seasonal Maintenance – Furnace Filters – Smoke and Co2

The Rental Agreement requires all residents to complete the following furnace filter replacement and of course verify your detection equipment will function in the event of fire or presence of Co2. After all, we want all residents to be safe and comfortable in their home.

At a minimum you must replace the furnace filters and verify proper operation of your smoke and Co2 detection devices at least once in Spring and again in the Fall. We recommend you complete this every quarter in January, April, July, October every year.

Heating and Air Conditioning: It’s time to change your Heating filter in your home.
The filter should be changed every three months, but no less often than every six
months. Doing so saves you money in heating costs, helps the system run as efficiently
as designed and smells better. It also helps keep the unit running and
avoids unpleasant down time. Additionally, you could be held responsible should the
system fail as a result of a dirty filter over working the HVAC system. Here is a video to explain
how to change the filter. Your filter may be in a slightly different location.

Wall and Baseboard Heating: If your heating system is baseboard or wall units, now is
a good time to turn them off, let them cool and vacuum any dust or debris from them.
This will help maintain your heat, lower heating costs and keep your system functional.

“A tenant Mike had a heating system fail in the dead of winter during a snowstorm. The
technician determined a dirty filter not changed in 2 two years overloaded the system.
Mike had to pay for the $562 repair. Don’t be like Mike.”

Here is a link to Home Depot where you can get a filter for your system.

Smoke and Co2 Detection: Every six months your rental agreement requires you test
your smoke and Co2 detectors. If necessary, change the batteries. Lithium 10 year
batteries are to be used. This helps to protect you, your family and visitors should a fire
or C02 emission occur.

“The latest statistics from the National Fire Protection Agency show three out of five
deaths were caused by faulty or no smoke alarms.”

Unsure or Uncomfortable: If you prefer we handle the filter change and testing of the
safety devices mentioned. We can do so at your cost. Just log into your resident portal
and initiate a request.