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Property Management Tips

10 Springtime Maintenance Tips for your Portland Area Investment Property

Springtime is here and there is no better time to get your investment property in shape for better weather, and the Spring/Summer leasing season. These ten tips range from general maintenance, clean up and deferred maintenance. One aspect hard to ignore addresses tenant satisfaction. When tenants know there’s a responsive owner or property manager they…

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What you need to know about Assistance and Emotional Support Animals

Assistance Animals, also known as Service Animals are protected under the American Disabilities Act. These animals provide a much needed service to the disabled party to make their life easier. Another type of support animal is an Emotional Support Animal. These animals do not necessarily assist with the owner with a task. They help individuals…

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5 ways to reduce risk associated with Managing your Investment Real Estate in Portland and Salem Oregon

Being an investor in Real Estate around the greater Portland and Salem area requires Risk Assessment and Protections. It’s your personal tolerance that drives decisions appropriate for your situation. This video will address 5 key areas to reduce risks associated with post Real Estate acquisition. We at Blue Roof Property Management pay special attention to…

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How to Fill your Oregon rental vacancy quickly

Want to fill your Oregon Rental Vacancies quickly? Here are a few tips and tricks to get you started in the right direction. I’d suggest in addition to filling the vacancy quickly, you pay close attention to the the applicant’s ability to pay and the quality of the tenant overall. Afterall, in the rental business…

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7 Steps To A Quality Tenant In Oregon

This week we cover 7 steps to a quality tenant in Oregon. We include a brief outline of some of the basic thing you can do to start out in the right direction. The Wrong Decision Can Cost You $$ Thousands! It is extremely important you follow all Federal and State laws as well as…

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Tenants Leaving Your Rental Vacant In Portland Oregon For The Holidays

5 Tips to help landlords and property owners keep your property safe when tenants leave on Christmas vacation. Leaving a property unattended in the Northwest area of Oregon, even for a few days, can cause unwelcome circumstances to arise. The following are some tips and suggestions to help both tenants and landlords strive to secure…

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