Update to the Oregon Landlord Compensation Fund from Oregon Housing and Community Services

February 22, 2021

OREGON LANDLORD COMPENSATION FUND PROGRAM Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) received a tremendous response to the first round opening of The Landlord Compensation Fund. Thank you to all those who continue to express interest in the program and provide feedback.  The enthusiastic response to the program opening is outpacing our staff capacity to respond to system and programmatic questions. We are working to quickly add additional Customer Service and System Support capacity needed to meet the level of interest along with being able to better support the needs of those applicants that require special accommodation and a higher level of assistance to navigate the application process. Keep in mind this application is not first-come first-served. Your application and/or inquiry is important to us. Thank you for your patience as we respond to the high volume of interest.  One of the most important pieces of this application is the project Rent Roll which is used to populate the data on rents paid from all rental housing units as required for the application. In order to help clarify several common mistakes that have been made, we have published a NEW step-by-step video walk thru of the Rent Roll template.  For those that have already initiated applications that need corrections, please know that we are currently working to ensure accidental duplications of tenant data is eliminated and are also working to implement updates to limit the ability to bring in data that is not formulated correctly. Stay tuned for additional updates from these efforts later this week.  We want to provide you with additional information on how best to seek assistance during this heightened inquiry period: 

  • If you have general questions related to the LCF program, such as eligibility requirements, scoring criteria, application timelines, etc. please email HCS.LCF@oregon.gov
  • If you have specific questions about the application itself, including your rent roll, incorrect data, or problems uploading files, please reach out via email to HCS.LCFSupport@oregon.gov. The more specificity you can provide about your question the easier it will be to get you a response.
  • If you are seeking accommodation to the electronic application based on need, please contact HCS.LCFSupport@oregon.gov. The more specificity you can provide about your question the easier it will be to get you a response.

Oregon Housing and Community ServicesNorth Mall Office Building725 Summer Street NE, Suite B, Salem, OR 97301-1266www.oregon.gov/ohcs

If you choose to take advantage of this program, do not wait, undoubtly, the program will quickly run out of funds.