Oregon Landlord Compensation Fund

Act quickly if you choose to participate. The Oregon Landlord Compensation Fund program is severely under funded and money will run out quickly.

Are you aware of the Oregon Landlord Compensation Fund. This fund is available for a limited time with limited funds. The fund allocates $150m toward past due rent owed to Landlords by qualifying tenants incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Oregon Housing and Community Services will score each landlords application based on number of rental units and debt to collection ratio. A program fact sheet is attached. The fund does come with a cost. 20% of the past due balance owed you must be forgiven to receive program funds.

As of this moment the application process is not open. However, $50m is allocated for distribution in February. Here is the application link. Check back frequently as it should open soon.

Fortunately, our tenants are current and we are not carrying any past due balances at this time. However, you may know a struggling Oregon landlord hit hard in past due rent that could benefit. If you do, please forward them this information. Perhaps it will help them continue paying their mortgage and expenses during this crisis period.