Regular Interior Inspections are very important for many reasons. None more important than to find safety violations. Today during a yearly interior inspection our team member found a burnt GFI outlet. We questioned the resident and they didn’t know it was a problem. They just noticed some plugs didn’t work and they had to reset the breaker. When we tested while onsite the GFI tripped the main breaker. We urgently requested an electrician to inspect and repair this potential fire hazard. 

Many Property Management companies claim they conduct these inspections and I hope they do. Many times when we contract with a new client who used another company before us, the interior inspection reports are nonexistent, inconsistent or unclear. Maybe this just wasn’t part of the service they offered. 

During interior inspections we’ve found water leaks, water heaters with signs they are at the end of their life. We’ve discovered unauthorized pets, unauthorized occupants. Damage such as broken doors, holes in walls. The list goes on. Finding these issues early prevents more significant costly damage later. 

What I love most about reviewing Interior inspections is finding a well cared for home with residents who obviously love where they live and we love to have them in our homes. The large majority (99%) of our residents fall into this category. It really helps to solidify our decision to renew their lease. 

If you don’t inspect on a regular basis, you should start now. If this seems like a daunting task, we are here to help and appreciate the opportunity to care for your properties.