Biden Administration – Tenant’s Bill of Rights

This is the latest update from our Association the National Apartment Association.

Last night, the National Apartment Association (NAA) participated in a White House call previewing the Administration’s blueprint for advancing “a Renters Bill of Rights,” an explicit campaign promise from President Biden. This call followed months of engagement between NAA and the White House, alongside other industry organizations. Our mission throughout this process was to maintain a seat at the table and ensure that our concerns were heard over the demands of housing advocates, which included a host of punitive actions like national rent control.

We have always worked with the White House in good faith. NAA made a commitment, which we stand by, to promote industry resident services and practices. From the beginning, NAA emphasized the industry’s opposition to expanded federal involvement in the landlord/tenant relationship.

NAA is analyzing the plan, which was released in its entirety early this morning. What we can say with certainty is NAA’s advocacy helped avert an executive order advanced by renters advocates and members of Congress, which would have imposed immediate policy changes. Our work continues as multiple federal agencies explore housing policy changes on a variety of topics. Be assured that NAA will engage in every step of this process. To be successful we will need the full voice and participation of every member when called upon.

We provide our financial support and membership with quality industry partners and associations who demonstrate a willingness to fight for our industry, and the rights of the property owners we represent. This core value of ours is one that protects us all.