5 Ways To Help Retain Renters and Reduce Turnover

  1. Begin with a positive experience.
    Start out on a positive note by making sure everything is transparent and communicated to all new tenants.
  2. Encourage tenants to communicate with you and your and staff.
    Make sure the tenant has all the appropriate contact information and knows to contact you with any problems or concerns.
  3. Complete maintenance requests timely.
    When a tenant calls in with a maintenance request, make sure they are handled quickly. Communication with the tenant during this time is essential.
  4. Respond quickly and professionally to negative feedback.
    If something has happened to cause a negative feedback it is important to use this opportunity to resolve the matter. Negative feedback is the tenant’s way of giving you another chance to make it right.
  5. Keep tenants informed about the property.
    Keeping tenants up to date on what is happening with the property is another great way to stay connected with the tenant.

The takeaway here is twofold. Effective communication and prompt response toward maintenance concerns are two key components that help retain quality tenants. At Blue Roof, tenant communication is taken seriously. We make sure it is easy for tenants to communicate with us. Be it a maintenance request, online payments, or questions about the property.