We Simplified our Realtor Property Management Referral Program

A Better Way … For 2020 we have simplified the amount and the way we pay our Realtor partners for their Property Management Referrals. Previously, we had a complex formula that was hard to calculate, track and pay out. Sure it resulted in a nice sum of cash, but it was paid out over time.

Fast forward to 2020, we are now paying out a lump sum referral fee at the time your clients sign our Property Management Agreement. Plus the amount you receive overall is higher than our old plan. What is it, how much are the referral fees? Well here it is

We Pay You!

  • Property is vacant: $500
  • Property has a tenant: $200
  • Lease only: $150

Keep Working with Your Clients

Sending us a referral is a great way to increase your future sale potential; we’ll refer them back to you if we hear they’re selling their real estate investment.

We’ll Create a Written Contract

Our goal is always to help our referral partners to feel secure. If you would like, we’ll give you a signed referral agreement for protection. We’ll keep our side of the agreement & ask the same for you.

We Make You Look Good

We believe that professionalism is important and we work tirelessly to ensure your clients are happy. This will reflect positively on you and your recommendation to work with us.

Eliminate Financial Liability

Improperly advising your clients on issues like tenant laws could open you up to unnecessary liability. You could even put your license at risk; keep yourself protected and leave leasing to us.