Real Estate Investment Analysis 3652 Bayonne Dr SE Salem OR 97317

Four Plex Located at 3652 Bayonne Dr SE Salem OR 97317

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a solid investment opportunity in the Salem Market.

My name is James White and I am the founder of Liberty First Realty and Blue Roof Property Management. I am a Real Estate Broker and Investor. I started formally investing in Real Estate in 2004 and I have been helping Property Investors purchase and profit in real estate since 2007.

Each investor has their own way of determining a viable investment, so we present three primary calculations to assist you in your decision. It is up to you to determine if this opportunity is right for your investment strategy and I invite you to seek guidance from your personal circle of advisers.

Now, let’s get into this opportunity.

This property is a 4-plex with recent upgrades and appliances. It sits on a cul-de-sac with good access to the I-5 freeway, Lancaster Dr and shopping opportunities.

During my analysis of this property it is important to note, I do not see an opportunity at this time to raise rents. They are in line with the market and in fact one of the units exceeds market rent. Therefore I am presenting this analysis with Projected and Actual Rents as is. That said the total cash flow benefit is solid, the Cap Rate is above 5%, Return on Investment is above 10% and Cash on Cash return is at and above 5%.

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Analysis Worksheet:IC 3652 Bayonne Dr SE Salem
Analysis Charts:Charts Salem 11.28.18
Property Flyer: Property-Flyer_3652-Bayonne-Dr-SE-3658-Salem-OR-97317_2018-11-29-16-18-39