Portland and Salem Rent Trends Might Suprise You

Where do you think area rent trends are headed?

The Portland and Salem Trends Might Suprise You.

With all the media talk about the rising cost of housing in our local Northwest area, you would be likely to believe rents are out of control. That rents are rising and there is no end in sight. A part of you is right. Over the past few years rents and housing for that matter has increased. Substanualy in some areas. But, if you look at ALL bedroom segments, in all areas you find STABLE rents over all of 2018.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Using Portland 2 bedroom rentals as an example, Portland started the year at $1,320 and ended in December at $1,318. Salem has a similar result. The 2 bedroom units were averaging $1,065 in January with December at $1,070.

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