During our Hot Oregon Summers How Do I Stay Cool

A/C Maintenance Checklist

Have you prepared yourself for the rising temperatures ahead? If not, now is your chance! Follow our A/C maintenance checklist to prepare your A/C to keep you cool all summer long.

☐ Keep Your Filters Clean

Your A/C’s efficiency relies heavily on clean filters to optimize airflow. Clean or replace your air filter if it seems clogged or loaded with debris. Air Filters are a responsibility of the resident. Make sure any breakdown is not a result of the Filter not being changed.

☐ Set It and Forget It

Maintain a consistent temperature throughout your house and don’t fiddle with your thermostat more than you need to. This will optimize efficiency and even save you money on your energy bill!

☐ Keep All of Your Air Vents Open

Although it may be tempting to close off specific air vents in your house to redirect airflow to one room – we do not recommend it! Closing vents completely can result in pressure buildup, reduced efficiency, and potentially damage your HVAC unit.

☐ Improve Circulation With Fans

Turn your ceiling fans on to make sure that air is circulating even when the cooling cycle is off. This will help to even out the temperature throughout the house so that your HVAC doesn’t have to work so hard.

☐ My Home Doesn’t Have A/C

Be sure to check your lease agreement before buying and installing window or portable A/C units. We generally prohibit window style A/C units. Your agreement will tell you what type of unit is OK and where it is OK to use them. Some Homeowner Associations and aesthetics prohibit the use of portable style air conditioners.