7 Steps To A Quality Tenant In Oregon

This week we cover 7 steps to a quality tenant in Oregon. We include a brief outline of some of the basic thing you can do to start out in the right direction.

The Wrong Decision Can Cost You $$ Thousands!

It is extremely important you follow all Federal and State laws as well as any of your company policies and procedures if you have them.  You need to make sure you never discriminate and that everyone is given the same opportunity to apply and everyone is reviewed on the same criteria for your Oregon rental.  Having a rental criteria that you follow for each and every applicant is a good idea.  Giving the applicants this information can allow them to see if they would qualify before filling out the application, saving the both the applicant and you time and money.

Once an application is received these steps will go over some of the key aspects of a review process, including making sure you check the information thoroughly, and making sure you review the application completely. Completing a full credit and background check is essential to a successful outcome.

If you are unable to pull credit reports or background information or are unaware of all the Federal and State laws that apply, we recommend contacting a professional property management company like Blue Roof Property Management in your area to perform this service for you. We professionally manage rental properties throughout the Portland Metro area including Portland, Gresham, Milwaukie, Salem, Woodburn, Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, Wilsonville, Hillsboro, McMinnville, Newberg and many more.